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What is Digital Signage? Intuitive Innovation in Communication

Digital Signage is intuitive innovation in digital communication and promotion on displays in just about everywhere you look these days. It looks like public TV, but if you look closer, it is much more. You’ll find news, weather, promotions of the day, and helpful information that is provided to you on the display by the location you are visiting. That location could be a coffee shop, a retail store, fast casual restaurant, waiting room or lobby area. The content on those displays is managed either in-house or outsourced to a solution provider. The power of Digital Signage is not so much in the mechanics of the delivery as it is in the message that is being conveyed to you.

Is the message informative and useful – is it attention-grabbing?
Does the message inspire a call-to-action such as making a purchase or visiting a web site for more information?
Do you see it as a way to help you to change promotional content more efficiently and cost-effectively?
Do you see other possibilities for Digital Signage?

If you are considering Digital Signage to help grow your business, consider all of the following possibilities:


• Outdoor or Indoor LED Marquees
• Self-service Interactive Kiosks
• Digital Menu Boards
• Event Boards with Pricing
• In-store or Indoor Messaging Displays
• Smart Phone Interactivity with Display Content
• Content Development
• Content Hosting
• Managing Content Changes
• Market Research & Analysis

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